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Step back in time and indulge your sweet tooth with our 1950s Candy Box! This nostalgic treat is a delightful journey to the 1950s, a golden era of candies that will transport you to the good old days.


Unwrap a blast of flavor with an assortment of candies that captured the hearts of candy lovers back in the day. From the iconic Necco Wafers to the timeless Mary Janes, each candy in this box is a delicious time capsule. Sink your teeth into the chewy goodness of Saltwater Taffy or experience the fizzy excitement of Zotz as the candy crackles in your mouth.


However, please note that the contents of this box may vary based on availability, ensuring each box is a unique experience. 


Whether you're sharing these candies with friends at a retro-themed party or enjoying them as a personal treat, our 1950s Candy Box is sure to add a touch of sweetness to your day. So, unwrap, indulge, and savor the flavors of the 1950s in every delightful bite!

1950's Candy Box

SKU: CDY-195007
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